Competency-Based Curriculum and Assessment

EDU 565

Course Description

This course provides an understanding of Webb's Depth of Knowledge framework and of methods used to develop deeper levels of thinking within learners. Students will also build towards a mastery approach and evaluate assessments. (3 s.h.)

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Participants will:

     • Understand the difference between levels of questions

     • Understand different theories on questioning

     • Understand what competency-based learning is

     • Explore why competency-based education is important 

     • Examine the current standards

     • Explore ways to group standards 

     • Develop learner outcomes

     • Explore rubrics or assessment criteria

     • Explore ways to assess for understanding and application

Course Outline

I. Higher Level Thinking

           A. Experts

           B. How do we get there

II. What is Competency-Based Education and Why is it Important

           A.  Competency, Performance, Mastery

           B. Benefits

           C. Growing Prominence

III. Looking at Standards

           A. South Dakota Standards and TIE’s work

           B.  Learner Objectives

IV. How Learner Agency is Supported

           A. What is Learner Agency

           B. MIndsets

           C. Know How

           D. Actions

V. Assessment

           A. Rubrics or Proficiency Scales

           B. Arriving at Summative Score