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Unit 5 Assignment 1 

Take this self -assessment. Be honest with your answers as no one will see it. Tuck it away and return back to it in a few months and again in a year.  Write a short reflection about where you are and what may or may not have surprised you about your own grading practices.

Unit 5 Assignment 2

Continue searching for researching resources for assessment and put them in any tech tool of your choice. Put that link in a paper that will also tell me the following:

  • What are the ways you can implement this in your classroom this coming year?
  • What are going to be the roadblocks? Are there ways around them?
  • Do we need to revisit a standard after it has been mastered? Why or why not?
  • What does competency-based learning and assessment accomplish?


Part 1: Philosophy/Pedagogy -- You have now studied what competency-based education is and you have looked at the standards. You have looked at assessment to determine students competency. How do you see this changing your current philosophy/pedagogy? Does it impact your thoughts towards the possibility of customized learning? What barriers do you encounter that could hinder this kind of change in your classroom? Did anything inspire you to think of another way to evaluate students in your class? Are you planning to move forward with more of this in your classroom? 3-6 paragraphs

Part 2Application -- Looking over the content of this course, what tools or resources do you see utilizing most as a professional educator? Are there changes in our habits/behavior/perspective that could contribute to more effective delivery of content and ways to evaluate students.  2-3 paragraphs