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TIE has done extensive work on the core subject standards. Each link will take you to a rubric and, in many cases, links to help you teach the standard(s). Take a look at that here:

Much of TIE's work was possible because of the intensive work SD teachers put in when developing the standards. All SD standards can be found here.

Read - Aligning Standards with Instruction and Student Evidence Using the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model



    Having studied the standards above, you see that some standards are grouped and all grade levels are removed. Rubrics were created for many of these. These were a guideline and anyone is free to modify them in whatever way makes sense.  Your assignment is to look at specific standards you teach. Group standards, if that makes sense, and create or modify a rubric. Then write a short paper on why you chose these and what you did to make your rubric. How are you planning to assess student learning? What are the barriers if your school has not yet embraced standards-based grading and how will you manage that. (And perhaps you just don't know at this point.) I want to see your thought process as to the standards - which we must teach - and how we are going to start and end with students.