New Venture

Well, it seems that I have been managing posting on my blog about once a year. That is going to have to change! There have been some big changes in my career path and this site is going to become my everything.

After seven years, I have left my position at TIE. It was a very difficult decision. My work with customized learning was some of the most fulfilling work of my life. But I had an opportunity that I just could not turn down. A friend of mine, Kimberly, told me they were going through the hiring process for Discovery Education. Again, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the move, but after much discussion with my husband and many prayers, I decided to apply and see what happened. I have never been through a more demanding and rigorous hiring process! Each step of the way, I prayed that God would show me what I was supposed to do. And the signs became very clear. So, I am now an independent education consultant and my first client is Discovery Education.

This also means that as an independent education consultant, I can have other clients. I set my own schedule and can work on a number of projects that have been just ideas in my head until now. I am building new presentations and keynotes, as well as studying everything I can for Discovery. This is an exciting time for me!

I intend to use this blog to highlight much of my learning and take whoever reads this on a journey with me! Hang on for the ride!